A2 Business Studies (CIE)

Business Structure – National/Multinational businesses

Business Structure – Privatisation/ Nationalisation and Public/Private partnerships

External Business Growth

External influences : state intervention

External influences : macroeconomic objectives

External influences : CSR

External influences : Political and legal

External influences : Technology and competition

External influences : Social, demographic and environmental

HRM : Employee Performance and MOB

HRM : Labour legislation, co-operation between management and workforce and workforce planning

HRM : Trade Unions, Negotiations and Single union deals

Organisation Structure : types of structure and formal/informal organisations

Organisation structure – delegation, accountability, control, authority and trust

Organisation structure – centralisation, line management and staff management

Communication : purpose, methods and channels

Communication Barriers and the role of the management in facilitating communication

Market planning and product elasticity

Product development, promotional campaigns and the coordinated marketing mix



Strategies for international marketing

Operations Planning : ERP

Capacity Utilisation and outsourcing

Lean production, Kaizen and Just in Time

Quality Control, Quality Assurance, TQM and benchmarking

Project management : CPA

Business Costs : Absorption, contribution and costing problems

The purpose of Budgets and variance analysis

Published accounts

Analysis of published accounts

Investment Appraisal : forecasting cash flows

Investment Appraisal : Payback, ARR, NPV and IRR

Investment Appraisal : Qualitative factors

Strategic Management, SWOT and PEST

Strategic Analysis : Boston matrix, 5 forces, core-competencies

Strategic Choice : Ansoff matrix and Force Field Analysis

Strategic Choice : Decision Trees

Strategic Implementation : Business Plans

Strategic Implementation : Corporate Culture

Strategic Implementation : Strategic Change and Contingency Planning