AS Business Studies (CIE)

The nature of Business Activity

The role of the entrepreneur

The social Enterprise

Business Structures : Economic Sectors

Business Structures : Legal Structures

Measurement of business size and the significance of small businesses

Internal Business Growth

Business objectives in the private and public sectors

Objectives and business decisions

Stakeholders in a business

Management, managers and Leadership (including emotional intelligence)

Motivation and its theories

Motivation : financial and non-financial methods

HRM : Purpose, roles, recruitment and selection

HRM : Disciplinary procedures, redundancy/dismissal, staff morale and welfare

HRM : staff training

Marketing : Objectives and factors affecting demand and supply of goods

Features of markets : location, growth, size, share, competitors, industrial and consumer markets

Markets : Niche Vs. Mass marketing and Segmentation

Market Research : Types, methods and sources

Market Research results, Sampling and cost effectiveness

The Marketing Mix (the 4Ps) and the role of the customer (the 4Cs)

Marketing Mix : Product and PLC

Marketing Mix : Pricing

Marketing Mix : Promotion

Marketing Mix : Place and using the internet for the 4Ps/4Cs

Consistency in the Marketing mix

Nature of operations : transformation process and effectiveness, efficiency and productivity

Value added and Capital Vs Labour intensive

Operations decisions, flexibility and innovation

Production methods


Scale of Operation

Inventory management

Business finance : start-up/expansion/working capital

Sources of Finance

Forecasting cash flow and managing working capital

Business Costs

Break-even analysis

Final accounts : its users and limitations

Ratio Analysis