IGCSE Economics



Part 1 Demand and supply

Chapter 1: The market system

Chapter 2: The demand curve

Chapter 3: Factors that affect demand

Chapter 4: The supply curve

Chapter 5: Factors that affect supply

Chapter 6: Market equilibrium

Chapter 7: Price elasticity of demand

Chapter 8: Price elasticity of supply

Chapter 9: Income elasticity

Chapter 10: Applications of elasticity

Part 2 the role of the market in solving the economic problem

Chapter 11: Resolving scarcity

Chapter 12: The mixed economy


Part 3 the labour market: an example of a market in a mixed economy

Chapter 13: The division of labour

Chapter 14: The labour market

Chapter 15: Interference in the labour market



Part 1 Production

Chapter 16: The factors of production and productivity

Chapter 17: Sectors of the economy

Chapter 18: Production costs and revenue

Chapter 19: Economies and diseconomies of scale

Chapter 20: Productivity and wealth creation

Chapter 21: Externalities: costs and benefits


Part 2 Competition

Chapter 22: Competitive markets

Chapter 23: Advantages and disadvantages of large and small firms

Chapter 24: The growth of firms

Chapter 25: Monopoly

Chapter 26: Oligopoly


Part 3 Public and private sectors

Chapter 27: Public and private sectors

Chapter 28: Government regulation

Chapter 29: Privatisation




Part 1 Macroeconomic objectives

Chapter 30: Macroeconomic objectives

Chapter 31: Economic growth

Chapter 32: Inflation

Chapter 33: Consequences of inflation

Chapter 34: Unemployment

Chapter 35: Balance of payments on the current account

Chapter 36: Protection of the environment


Part 2 Policies: to deal with economic growth, inflation,

unemployment, the balance of payments on the

current account and protection of the environment

Chapter 37: Economic policy and policy instruments

Chapter 38: Fiscal policy

Chapter 39: Monetary policy

Chapter 40: Supply side policies

Part 3 Relationship between objectives and policies

Chapter 41: Relationship between objectives and policies




Part 1 Globalisation

Chapter 42: Globalisation and multinational companies

Chapter 43: Foreign direct investment and development aid

Chapter 44: Winners and losers from globalisation


Part 2 International trade

Chapter 45: International trade

Chapter 46: Protectionism

Chapter 47: World trade patterns and trading blocs

Chapter 48: The World Trade Organization

Chapter 49: Developed and developing countries


Part 3 Exchange rates

Chapter 50: Exchange rates and their determination

Chapter 51: Changing exchange rates and government policy

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