Revision Skills – Active Revision

Revision – what is revisions?


Revision is more than simply cramming everything you have studied into an overcrowded brain. Whilst you will need to remember important issues, techniques and theories it is more important that you can apply these to a broad range of questions.


Revision is the process of identifying key themes and issued, identifying what is really important and how this can be interpreted and applied. You will need to adhere to these, focusing your thoughts into a short essay may require careful consideration.


Active Revision


In order to develop an active mind, a mind that interprets rather than regurgitates, we would recommend that you plan an active revision strategy pushing your learning through the exploration of questions:

  • What is the cause and effect?
  • How can I justify this conclusion?
  • How do these areas relate to each other?


Questions like these will help you to think independently and broadly.


Key Benefits


Exams can be of great benefit for a number of reasons. Throughout the examination process you will:

  • Pull together all the various strands from your studies.
  • Set individual topics in a wider context
  • Pick out particular themes
  • Apply your knowledge
  • Reach conclusions


Examinations give you a chance to make sense of your learning.