So here it is, the plan for the 52 Week Visual Vocabulary Challenge #TheRevisionGuide_52wvv for 2017 😊 Join me in 2017, if you would like to improve your visual vocabulary and doodles for visual notes, graphic recording, graphic fascilitation or just because 😊😊  


“a visual vocabulary consists of images that can be drawn in place of a word or a sentence.

This makes visual note taking possible by building a visual language, the same way that words makes up a written language”



Here’s how it works:

At the start of each week (Sunday) I will start the week off with a group of doodles for the prompt of the week and the hashtag for the week (usually goes as [#] 52wvv_week[no.] ). Through the week I would add more images (and my usual how to draw steps when possible), along with reposts of anyone else who joins in 😊, so that, together, we all create our very own ‘virtual’ visual vocabulary 😊 and all you would have to do is look back at the hashtag for doodle inspirations 😍 .


52 Week Visual Vocabulary

Click on each week to view the Instagram posts by everyone over on insta 🙂

1. Expressions 
2. Faces
3. Hands
4. Square people
5. Round/bean people
6. Star people
7. People/ professions / family
8. Bubbles (speech/ thought)
9. Arrows/ connectors
10. Banners
11. Bullets
12. Borders and dividers
13. Frames and labels
14. Corners
15. Signs
16. Papers
17. Bunting
18. Patterns
19. Typography – letters
20. Typography – numbers
21. Catchwords
22. Ampersand
23. Filler doodles
24. Weather icons
25. Social media/ communication
26. Business and finance
27. School/ office supplies
28. Art/ craft supplies
29. Postage / happy mail
30. Animals
31. Travel – transportation
32. Travel essentials
33. Camping/ fishing
34. At the beach
35. Seasons and holidays
36. At the cinema
37. Fitness / yoga
38. Medical
39. Dress up
40. All things baby
41. Breakfast
42. Dining out
43. Drinks, tea and coffee
44. Desserts and sweets
45. Fruits and veggies
46. Meat and seafood
47. Herbs and spices
48. Let’s cook
49. Let’s bake
50. Home appliances and furniture
51. Cleaning supplies
52. Gardening supplies and plants